Optics at the service of the manufacturing industry

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Optical technologies play a key role in manufacturing, providing accurate and efficient measurement and quality control tools.

Optical techniques, including microscopy, spectroscopy, photometry and imaging, are used to inspect materials, characterize surfaces, detect defects and measure dimensions with micron-level accuracy. Lasers are also used for cutting, marking and welding materials, while machine vision systems automate manufacturing processes. Optical technologies are essential for guaranteeing product quality, improving the production process efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs.

Your Challenges

Labour shortage

Labor shortages affect productivity and lead to production delays. Discover how INO helped Machinex

Quality Control

Maintain high standards, ensure regulatory compliance and manage quality issues in a cost-effective manner. Discover how INO helped Affinerie CCR

Operational efficiency

Increased productivity, lower labor costs, lower production costs, and lower losses. Discover how INO helped Industries Mailhot

Main Applications

Inspection, quality control and non-destructive testing

Manufacturing companies must ensure that their products comply with standards and technical specifications while minimizing production costs and meeting delivery deadlines. Manufacturing defects can have major economic consequences and even endanger consumer safety. Technological advances such as automation and artificial intelligence can help meet these challenges and improve the quality of manufactured products.

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Integrity testing of closed containers

We can quickly and accurately assess container strength, transparency and tightness using advanced optical techniques such as spectroscopy and imaging. Optical methods can detect defects such as leaks, cracks and impurities, guaranteeing product safety and quality. Manufacturers can optimize their quality control processes with optics, ensuring container compliance and consumer confidence.

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We were looking for a group of experts capable of developing an absolute optical positioning system for our cylinders. At INO, we found a team with solid expertise, and the ability to meet our high-level challenge, while maintaining a good pace for the project.

Luc Mainville, Vice President Innovation Product Development Mailhot Industries

INO provided us with state-of-the-art expertise that CCR lacked. In addition, INO’s desire to teamwork with CCR and deliver a quality product made this project a success. The operators and CCR’s management team are very pleased with the master plate monitoring system.

Anne Tellier, Senior Project Engineer Affinerie CCR

Thanks to INO we’ve been able to develop a new part inspection system. When these parts leave our plant, there are no imperfections. We’re talking zero-defect. A remarkable feat!

Richard Guimont, President Liberty Spring

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