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INO is ISO 13485 certified and excels at designing custom solutions, from ideation to prototyping and production of medical devices.

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Medical device manufacturers face many challenges, such as regulatory complexity, increased competition and patient expectations related to safety and efficacy.

In this context, optical technologies enable the development of high-precision diagnostic devices, advanced surgical instruments and cutting-edge medical imaging systems, promoting precise diagnosis, optimized surgical interventions and improved overall healthcare for patients.

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Main Applications

Medical Device Development

The development of medical devices involves a number of challenges to ensure the quality of treatments and diagnostics, to ensure patient safety and to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals. This is an area where product development and market launches are highly regulated. Optics play a key role in providing advanced technologies such as optical sensors, lasers and optical fibres, enabling precise measurements, intraoperative visualization and advanced diagnostics. In this way, it contributes to innovation and to medical device improvement to provide more effective healthcare.

Connected and Decentralized Telemedicine

Connected and decentralized medicine provides a number of advantages: it enables faster patient diagnosis and intervention, limits healthcare system overload and facilitates access to quality remote healthcare. Nevertheless, it presents challenges such as real-time medical data collection and analysis using robust, calibrated and secure devices (both in terms of hardware and data management). Optics play a key role in providing advanced technologies such as wearable optical sensors and medical imaging devices, enabling precise monitoring of vital signs, rapid diagnosis and effective telemedicine to improve access to healthcare and patient monitoring.

Surgical Navigation

Surgical navigation faces challenges such as intervention precision, real-time visualization and complication management. Optics play a crucial role by providing advanced technologies such as medical imaging systems and endoscopes, enabling precise tissue visualization, accurate surgical guidance and better assessment of results, thus helping to improve surgical procedure precision and safety.

Discover how INO helped Intellijoint Surgical in the design of its innovative Intellijoint HIP® product by reading the case study Custom-made medical devices: turning ideas into certified products.

UV Disinfection

UV disinfection faces challenges such as effective surface coverage, appropriate UV exposure and user safety. Optics play a crucial role in supplying advanced technologies such as specific UV light sources and optical irradiation devices, enabling effective surface disinfection in a variety of environments, thus contributing to infection prevention and health safety.

Discover how to choose the right partner to develop your UV solution in the infographic 8 Essential Experts to develop your UV solution.

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Our ongoing business relationship with INO is the ultimate proof of how satisfied we are with what they deliver!

Lloyd Ison, VP Device Engineering, Hardware and software Cerus Corporation

At Intellijoint, our design process is highly collaborative. INO was a great fit for us for this reason; we were able to maintain true collaboration while leveraging INO’s incredible technical competency and state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. I could tell our project’s success was important to INO; they have always been flexible, accommodating, and responsive. I look forward to working with the INO team developing our next disruptive technology.

Andre Hladio, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Intellijoint Surgical

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We find the best solution to make your business more productive and competitive. In addition to our R&D services, we offer solutions that can be tailored to your needs. INO is ISO 13485 certified and excels at designing custom solutions, from ideation to medical device prototyping and production.

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