Optics applied to the security industry

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The security industry is facing growing challenges, such as detecting threats, monitoring sensitive areas and protecting critical infrastructure.

Optics-based technologies play a crucial role in these applications by providing advanced detection, imaging and identification capabilities. From vision systems to optical scanners for detecting dangerous objects, optics provide precise, reliable tools to enhance security by enabling effective surveillance and rapid response to emerging threats.

Your challenges

Detecting hidden

and dangerous non-metallic objects

Detecting suspicious

threats on passengers or bystanders

Managing staff

for manual search


individual integrity


chemical and biological agents

Fighting terrorism

Main Applications

Detecting Hidden Threats on Individuals

Detecting threats hidden on people presents challenges in terms of accuracy, speed and discretion. Optics play a key role in providing advanced technologies such as thermal and terahertz imaging body scanners, enabling non-invasive, health-safe and reliable detection of concealed objects, helping to enhance security and prevent acts of violence.

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Detecting Hidden Threats in Closed Containers

Detecting threats hidden in closed containers presents challenges in terms of security, inspection speed and effectiveness. Optics play a key role in providing advanced technologies for accurate, non-destructive detection of hazardous materials and objects concealed in parcels and letters, helping to enhance security in sensitive environments such as airports, businesses and ports.

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Detecting Biological Threats

Detecting biological threats presents challenges in terms of sensitivity, speed and analysis accuracy. Optics play a crucial role in providing advanced technologies such as optical detection systems, biological sensors and optical imaging techniques, enabling rapid and reliable detection of pathogens, helping to prevent and combat biological threats in fields such as public safety and health.

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