Real-time video object detection and tracking is a difficult task, especially in a natural outdoor environment. Through a variety of projects, INO has developed broad and diverse expertise in intelligent video analytics, from the selection of suitable sensors to accurate targets tracking and positioning. INO’s AWARE library, which has been steadily enhanced over the past decade, is a context-independent video analytics platform especially designed to overcome difficulties related to dynamic background, lighting changes, and inclement weather conditions. It comprises numerous modules: motion stabilization, noise filtering, image enhancement, foreground and background segmentation, blob labeling and tracking, 2D features matching, and monoscopic and stereoscopic positioning.

As an example of library applications, AWARE has been deployed by our partner for ground air traffic control (ATC) at several airports in various regions around the globe. Operating as a 24/7 outdoor surveillance system, it performs pixel-based detection of moving objects for each camera, up to the 3D world positioning of tracks at the network level.

Our expertise: Custom advanced detection and tracking systems

  • Thermal, NIR, color, and monochrome video analysis

  • Analytic fusion of thermal and color videos

  • Robustness in outdoor environments

  • Real-time processing on PC or embedded platforms

  • Accurate real-world positioning through proper intrinsic and extrinsic camera calibrations

Our strength: Our wide-ranging expertise

INO specialist will help you tailor state-of-the-art sensors and video analytics algorithms to your needs.

Fields of application:

  • Security and surveillance

  • Retail business

  • Home automation

  • e-health

  • Behavior analysis

  • Crowd counting


INO has published several papers on intelligent video analytics. You are invited to consult them for more detailed descriptions of INO’s capabilities and achievements.

A 2011 white paper on video analytics gives a good overview of the various challenges that intelligent video analytics systems must tackle.

Details on INO’s expertise in internal and external camera calibration for both thermal and visible sensors can be found in “Fast and accurate calibration-based thermal / colour sensors registration

For detailed descriptions of some of the solutions implemented to address common challenges in outdoor monitoring, including combining thermal and color sensors, see “Combination of colour and thermal sensors for enhanced object detection” and “Optimization of color-based foreground / background segmentation for outdoor scenes”.

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You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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