INO offers a simulation service to assist with the hardware and software design of infrared and electro-optical devices. Precise performance predictions help integrators understand application requirements and bring application performance in line with client specifications—before the advance design and fabrication phases. For a minimal investment, infrared simulations help minimize risk in the early stages of development.

 What sets INO apart from the competition is its ability to produce simulations of the image or video the proposed system would produce. Images of scenes of interest for a client’s application enable the client to determine whether the proposed system will meet their imaging performance, mass, volume, and consumption requirements. Other software simulators provide an identification, recognition, and detection range based NETD, MRTD, and other standards. The range that is determined this way does not take into account particularities concerning the operator, scene, or operating context.

In addition to predicting performances, simulations make it possible to optimize the system by considering each subsystem, including image processing algorithms and the display device.

Our expertise: System optimization and performance prediction based on operating conditions

  • Atmospheric modeling 

  • Optical modeling

  • In-depth characterization and precise detector modeling

  • Modeling of short, medium, and long-range infrared observation cameras and thermal sights

  • Image processing algorithms

Our strength: Realistic simulations that help minimize development risks 

Fields of application:

  • Military systems

  • Search and rescue

  • Aerospace

  • Industrial inspection

  • Firefighting

  • Security and surveillance

  • Remote sensing

  • Night vision systems

  • Material inspection

  • Astronomy


To ensure the accuracy of our atmosphere and optical simulations, we use validated software programs recognized in their fields (Modtran™ and Zemax™, respectively). INO can perform experimental detector characterization to refine the detector model. Image processing algorithms can be integrated into the simulation, and the image can be displayed on an actual display module for optimal evaluation.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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