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From April 12, 2021 to April 16, 2021

CPMA Fresh Week 2021

Find out how our technologies support the agri-food industry.

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April 7, 2021

Conference Digital transformation manufacturing sector

Attend the virtual conference organized by Les Affaires where Mario Simard and Donald Prévost will present at 11:45 AM the new generation of optical sensors in the IoT era.

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From March 17, 2021 to March 19, 2021

CPES 2021

Come and meet us virtually!

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From March 9, 2021 to March 11, 2021

Security and Policing 2021

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From March 6, 2021 to March 11, 2021

SPIE Photonics West

Come and meet us!

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From February 16, 2021 to February 19, 2021

CRIAQ RDV Forum 2021

Come learn more on OCT surface inspection, THZ assembly safety inspection and aerospace imagery and security from February 16 to February 19, 2021.

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From November 8, 2020 to November 13, 2020


IRMMW-THz will be held online this year. Our colleague Pierre Talbot will be there to showcase INO’s terahertz offering. Come and ask him your questions from November 8th to 13th, 2020.

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October 14, 2020

Usine bleue

Let's have a virtual chat! Our Advanced Manufacturing team will be at the REAI's online event, "l'usine bleue".

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