March 22, 2022

Webinar : Eliminate Discomfort without Compromising Security during Manual Pat-Down Screening

Don't miss this webinar discussing manual pat-down screening challenges for security officers and how Terasafe-NT can help officers avoid them! 

An unpleasant task for security officers and passengers, traditional screening methods like manual pat-down body searching is an invasive and time-consuming procedure which is not always effective. Although vital to public safety, the level of discomfort and sense of violation of personal privacy can create tension between security officers and passengers.

To decrease the high emotional stress and frustration from both parties, innovative technologies for people screening in public spaces like airports and stadiums can help identify hidden objects while respecting personal privacy.

Join Patrice Topart, Defense, Security and Aerospace Business Unit Manager, during this webinar as he discusses people screening challenges for security officers and how Terasafe-NT, a portable and contactless see-though people screening solution, can help officers avoid them.

This discussion will cover:

  • Passenger privacy issues during manual pat-down screening and full body scanners;
  • Complications related to inclusive screening methods for the transgender community;
  • Resolving security staffing problems to reduce screening lane bottlenecks;
  • Protecting security officers' health by respecting social distancing;
  • Preventing potential threats of terrorism at athletic venues;
  • Advantages of using Terasafe-NT as an alternative to manual pat-down screening. 

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