November 27, 2018

INO spins off its 34th company in 30 years

As it celebrates this year its 30th anniversary, INO is pleased to announce today the creation of its 34th spin-off, LynX Inspection, a company that develops cutting-edge digital vision solutions geared towards the industrial inspection market.

LynX Inspection began its partnership with INO a year ago through the Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program, which is a joint initiative implemented by INO, the City of Québec, and the Anges Québec network. Over the past year, LynX has had access to INO's material and human resources, thus helping it develop the technology at the core of its inspection system.

This is the second time I have been involved in starting a business with INO, so I am well aware of the quality of their resources and the true potential of such a collaboration," says Luc Perron, founding president of LynX Inspection. "As a start-up company, this collaboration has enhanced our credibility with our business partners while giving us access to complementary expertise to help us reach the commercialization phase of our solution more quickly.

By combining 3D technology and X-ray imaging, LynX Inspection can analyze both the internal and external structure of complex parts, such as precision moulded, machined, or additive manufacturing parts. This system, which is in the process of being commercialized, could prove to be crucial in the manufacturing market, particularly in industries with high quality control requirements, such as the automotive, aerospace, and defence industries.

INO is proud to be at the heart of the Quebec City area innovation ecosystem. The large number of companies we have spun off is a clear manifestation of this. The LynX Inspection system fits perfectly into the manufacturing industry's transition toward Industry 4.0. We are proud that a player with so much potential has joined the INO family," stated INO President and CEO Alain Chandonnet.

About INO

INO is the largest centre of expertise in optics and photonics in Canada. For 30 years, it has been creating and developing customized solutions to meet the needs of companies in Quebec and throughout Canada in various sectors of activity. A leader in high technology, INO has implemented more than 6,500 solutions, carried out 72 technology transfers, and contributed to the creation of 34 new companies, which employ more than 2,000 people. INO's activities are made possible thanks to the sustained collaboration of the Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation and of Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.

About LynX Inspection

LynX Inspection is a young Quebec high-tech company that develops new inspection solutions for the industrial sector based primarily on three-dimensional analysis and X-ray imaging.

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