May 20, 2021

Bioenterprise and INO sign cooperation agreement

New collaboration supports automation, vision technology innovation for ag sector.

Bioenterprise, Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine, and INO, a global leader in vision technology, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to grow innovation in the agriculture sector.

Quebec-based INO is Canada’s largest technology centre in optics and photonics and a technology developer with emerging solutions relevant to agri-food industry. Bioenterprise is home to a national network of experts, like-minded organizations, resources and entrepreneurial companies focused on innovation across the agriculture, food and agri-tech sector.

The new partnership will open up new opportunities for Bioenterprise and clients of the Engine interested in vision and automation technology and introduce INO’s expertise and solutions to new contacts and networks.

“The demand for automation solutions, including vision technology, in the agri-food sector has never been stronger and we’re excited to have INO join the Engine’s network of experts and solution providers,” says Bioenterprise CEO Dave Smardon. “The more we can strengthen agri-food innovation in Canada, the better we’re collectively able to leverage available resources for the benefit of the entire Canadian economy.”

«The agri-food industry is facing many challenges from air and soil quality inspection, labour shortage, fruits and vegetables quality control to shelf-life monitoring, cold chain monitoring, to name a few.» adds Louis Martel, Vice President, Business Development and Partnership at INO.« As an industry-focused technology developer with emerging vision and detection technologies for producers and processors, INO is very pleased to partner with Bioenterprise and their extensive and dynamic network of experts and entrepreneurial companies in the Agri-tech sector.».

About Bioenterprise

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