September 7, 2023

Two major players join forces to develop Quebec's photonic and quantum semiconductor industry

INO and the MiQro Innovation Collaboration Center (C2MI), Canada's largest R&D center for electronic systems, have signed a collaboration agreement to enhance Quebec and Canadian semiconductor development and manufacturing.

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INO and C2MI will join forces by sharing their expertise, infrastructure and cutting-edge equipment to enhance the range of specialized semiconductors - commonly referred to as "chips" - and integrated optical and photonic devices required by several disruptive technologies, including:

  • the development of artificial intelligence and quantum technologies;
  • telecommunication and data storage infrastructure; and
  • the development of next-generation sensors, in particular to minimize the effects of climate change or to ensure the safety of people and infrastructure.

A booming market

The global semiconductor market is booming. It will grow from 452 to over 800 billion US dollars by 2028 . Positioning innovative organizations at the heart of the North American semiconductor chain is therefore a promising initiative for Quebec.

"The supply constraints affecting technology companies in recent years have highlighted the dire need to develop a local semiconductor industry, particularly for custom-developed specialized components. Combining our equipment and fostering collaboration between our respective teams will enable innovations to emerge more quickly, therefore accelerating the transfer of the latest advances to the industry," said Alain Chandonnet, President and CEO of INO.

For Marie-Josée Turgeon, "pooling some of C2MI's services and expertise with those of INO is a clear way of carrying out R&D in the most cost-effective way possible, avoiding duplication of investment, and will foster new synergies with an ecosystem of high-tech companies well established in Quebec, including Teledyne MEMS, IBM, Ciena and Teraxion ".