November 8, 2018

INO celebrates its 30th anniversary and unveils its new visual identity

With 225 guests and dignitaries in attendance, including Canada's Minister of Family, Children and Social Development, Jean-Yves Duclos, Quebec's Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety, Geneviève Guilbault, and Minister for Government Digital Transformation, Éric Caire, INO's President and CEO, Alain Chandonnet, the 30th anniversary celebrations were launched.

The theme of the event, "Once upon a time, innovation", was not randomly chosen. For 30 years, INO has distinguished itself as a leading player in the innovation ecosystem. INO plays the critical role of a trusted intermediary between academic knowledge and industry needs, and thus contributes to accelerating and concretizing innovation.

"INO's contribution to the economic development of the Québec City region, Québec and the rest of Canada has been significant for 30 years. Our organization is determined to pursue its mission by developing more partnerships and ensuring that its people's know-how and expertise are recognized for the benefit of the economic vitality of Québec and the rest of Canada," said Jacques Topping, Chairman of the INO Board of Directors.

Hosted by journalist and broadcaster Marie-Pier Élie, the conference day was an opportunity for participants to hear four acclaimed speakers highlight the ways in which innovation influences their leadership and helps shape the future.

INO's new visual identity

Most importantly, this day was an opportunity for INO's President and CEO to unveil the organization's new visual identity and vision for the coming years.

The new logo has a strong meaning that highlights INO's crucial role in the development of intelligent photonics and the Internet of Things, both of which will be at the heart of its future work.

The shades of blue, all in gradient, allow us to focus on INO's main working tool: light. These light beams meet at a focal point like that of a laser in each point of the N.

I and O represent the 1 and 0 of the binary system of digital technologies, through which data can be processed and optics and photonics turned into imagery. Pixels are created from this encounter, reminding us again of the link between photonics and digital.

"INO has adopted a logo that looks to the future of our industry, with a promise, our promise: Shed Light. To shed light is to design, implement and promote solutions for our clients, regardless of the maturity stage of their project. And we are committed, for the next 30 years, to achieving our updated mission of bringing innovations to life to enable Canadian industry to be more productive and competitive," said Mr. Chandonnet.

Photos of the 30th anniversary celebrations will be available shortly at

About INO

INO is the largest centre of expertise in optics and photonics in Canada. For 30 years, it has been creating and developing customized solutions to meet the needs of companies in Quebec and throughout Canada in various sectors of activity. A leader in high technology, INO has implemented more than 6,500 solutions, carried out 72 technology transfers, and contributed to the creation of 33 new companies, which employ more than 2,000 people. INO's activities are made possible thanks to the sustained collaboration of the Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation and Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.