January 17, 2024

INO MANDATED BY CONFIANCE IA Important artificial intelligence initiative in the Quebec City region

Confiance IA Quebec’s industrial consortium for the development of sustainable, ethical, secure, and responsible artificial intelligence has mandated INO to promote the Confiance IA collaborative approach with technology companies in metropolitan Quebec. INO will therefore contribute to the implementation of collaborative R&D projects to develop trusted artificial intelligence by bringing together several experts who will develop solutions adopted by several industrial sectors in Quebec. 

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In the case of this three-year project, INO – which has greatly contributed to changing the economic profile of Quebec by bringing to life dozens of new technology companies that export their products on the international scene – will therefore have the role, among others, to: 

  • invite companies to join the Confiance IA consortium; 
  • rally industries in different fields around joint R&D projects involving trusted artificial intelligence; 
  • contribute to the creation in Quebec of an ecosystem of experts capable of developing pre-competitive tools and methods for assessing the quality of the artificial intelligence developed, particularly in terms of sturdiness and explainability; 
  • generate, thanks to various projects, shared intellectual property to create synergies and accelerate the adoption of the solutions developed by industrial environments. 

Artificial intelligence in industrial environments: enormous potential 

According to UNESCO, artificial intelligence may constitute a catalyst for change and a force for social and economic development. However, the large-scale industrialization and deployment of products and solutions that use artificial intelligence is still limited, particularly in regulated sectors such as the medical, energy, aerospace, and finance fields. 

“The close relationships that we have developed with technology companies in the region will allow us to rally a large number of them around the importance of developing solutions based on artificial intelligence that will meet the real needs of the industrial sectors present in Quebec. This fits perfectly with the importance of innovating, particularly through the digitization of our businesses, to create even more economic benefits and compete on an international scale,” mentioned Mr. Alain Chandonnet, chief executive officer of INO. 

For Ms. Marie-Pierre Habas-Gérard, executive director of Confiance IA, “Quebec stands out from the rest of the world through its ability to design and develop an exceptional wealth of artificial intelligence, both in terms of technicality and methodology. This capital is now available to Quebec-based companies and SMEs to innovate and apply the best standards to the solutions that will be operationalized. To enable its use by industrial sectors and citizens in general, the contribution of trusted artificial intelligence layers is decisive. This is the challenge that Confiance IA is tackling through the development of safe, secure, sustainable, responsible, and ethical artificial intelligence by being at the crossroads between experts who develop it and experts in civil fields, particularly ethics.”