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Agriculture Agri-food

The Applications of Optics in Agri-food Processing

Discover how optics are implicated in each step of the agri-food transformation process.

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Agriculture Automated Harvesting

Optics Transforms Automated Harvesting

Discover the role optics play in automated harvesting.

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Earth Observation

Earth Observation: Climatology and Agriculture Applications of Optical Technologies

Discover the various climatology and agriculture applications of optical technologies. 

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Environment Natural resources

Fugitive Dust Emission Detection and Measurement Solutions in Action in a Port Area

Discover how lidar technologies can detect and measure in real-time fugitive dust emissions in port areas.

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Environmental Applications of Optics

Discover the many environmental applications of optics providing unparalleled insights into the health of our planet.

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Optical Applications for Precision Agriculture

Discover how various optical applications for precision agriculture are helping farmers cultivate smarter and achieve higher crop yields.

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The Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Companies

From procurement to distribution, discover the digital transformation manufacturing companies are going through.

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Examples of Terahertz Imaging Applications

Learn about various applications where terahertz imaging can be used.

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