Optics at the service of the agricultural industry

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Agriculture is one of the pillars of our economy, providing jobs, revenue, raw materials and essential food products.

However, the agricultural sector is facing many challenges, including the impact of climate change, the shortage of skilled labour and the need to produce more efficiently and sustainably.

To tackle the problem, the agricultural world is undergoing a transformation thanks to new technologies and innovations based on optical technologies.

Your challenges

Labour shortage

Given the current shortage of skilled labour, the agricultural sector has no choice but to evolve by robotizing and automating its activities. Discover how INO helped Vineland

Operational efficiency

Increased productivity, lower labor costs, lower cost price, lower losses. Discover how INO helped BinSentry

Contaminant and pest management

The presence of crop diseases and pests in a field hurts the yield and quality of the crop. Discover how INO worked with Patates Dolbec

Characterization of soil requirements: water, fertilizers

Soil composition changes with the crops’ maturity level, weather and climate in general. Discover how INO helped Picketa Systems

Main Applications

Precision agriculture

Using remote sensing equipment, whether airborne, onboard satellites, placed on the ground or directly installed on farm equipment, makes it possible to collect accurate data on crops, soil and environmental conditions to help farmers maximize their productivity.

Discover how INO has developed a marketable system for agricultural soil and plant sample analysis in the Logiag case study.

Automated harvesting

Automated harvesting uses advanced technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, to improve the harvesting process, reduce costs and enhance field and greenhouse crop quality.

Discover how INO and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre resolved human labour challenges with an autonomous cucumber harvesting robot by reading the case study A Partnership to Solve Challenges in the Agri-food Industry.

Autonomous guidance

Given the current shortage of skilled labour, the agricultural sector has no choice but to evolve by robotizing and automating its activities. Optical sensors enable farm machinery to move autonomously through crops, avoiding obstacles and without damaging future crops.

Our client testimonials

See what INO customers have to say about our services and solutions.

I greatly enjoyed the collaboration I got from INO. I found them very professional. It’s cutting-edge technology, and any potential foreign client who comes in and visits INO understands that the technology being developed and manufactured there is world-class. This has made it easier for us to sell. We have a lot of good leads to sell other machines, and I always stress that INO is like the manufacturing plant for our technology!

Charles Nault, President Logiag

INO has exceeded our expectations in delivering on all aspects of the robotic cucumber harvesting project and we’re eager to see what the future of the collaboration holds. The team at INO has been both friendly and professional, and apart from the physical distance between us, there is a sincere feeling of unity in working together towards a common goal.

Brian Lynch, Research Scientist, Field Robotics Vineland Research and Innovation Center

While our product roadmap has evolved significantly since the beginning of our relationship, INO’s optical experts have been with us every step of the way. They have been crucial mentors to us in developing our business model and technology. Their technical expertise in optics, computer vision and artificial intelligence has enabled us to assess the technical feasibility of our projects and plan a roadmap of innovative yet feasible products.

Maxime Dumont, Co-founder, Director of operations Picketa Systems

Our solutions

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Hyperspectral imaging station

The mobile hyperspectral imaging station facilitates access to annotated data that was previously hard to obtain.

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