For real-time or high-speed processing of high throughput and/or large amounts of data, our FPGA modules can boost the video processing chain and accelerate digital vision, 3D profilometry, LiDAR, and artificial intelligence applications.

INO offers a wide range of IP modules that can accelerate real-time FPGA applications (e.g. full speed and low latency) in the following domains:

  • IR and THz acquisition and correction
  • Video and image processing
  • 3D laser profilometry
  • LiDAR

Our modules are directly usable in the VivadoTM and VitisTM developement environments.

They can be ported to various technologies (IntelTM/AlteraTM, MicrosemiTM/ActelTM) by request.

In parallel, INO offers a custom development service for both specialized IP modules and complete FPGA applications.


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