LaserNGN - Fiber gain modules

Our fiber gain modules have been optimized for high peak power and high average power applications.


The tapered optical fiber at the heart of the gain module is based on our low photodarkening core chemistry and features a distinctive and proprietary refractive index profile. The result is a TMI-free operation at up to 100 W of output average power, with excellent beam quality and good polarization maintenance.


  • 10/125 input fiber for ease of splicing
  • Output fiber core diameter: 56 µm
  • Single-mode like output
  • Large end cap termination
  • Cladding mode stripper
  • Robust, water-cooled construction


  • High nonlinear threshold
  • High peak power
  • High average power
  • High gain
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Broadband gain bandwidth
  • Excellent optical-to-optical slope efficiency

Our modules are available in counter-propagating pumping architectures with or without a pump injection module.


  • High peak power lasers
  • Ultrafast amplifiers
  • Frequency conversion

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