Illumination sources

INO THz illumination systems make the perfect match for our camera and provide you with a bigger light surface ideal for a variety of applications.


INO's patented terahertz light sources (US patent 10,042,172 B2 and Canadian patent 2,953,156) are used for hidden object imaging. They operate in two modes: transmission or reflection.

Two frequencies are available: 282 or 515 GHz. Other frequencies may be available on request. The standard light surface is approximately 4.5 x 6 inches.  

A compact THz light source is also now available in the same frequencies as our standard source. It has a light surface of 3 x 4 inches.

We’ve designed our illumination systems to ensure the shape factor of the beam is tailored to the shape factor of our terahertz sensor, thereby reducing interference and optimizing image quality.


  • Security control
  • Manufacturing
  • Lab experiments
  • Detection of hidden weapons
  • Vision through camouflage
  • Quality control
  • Process monitoring
  • Food inspection

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