Custom Optical Fibers

INO offers custom optical fibers designed specifically for your needs.

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We work with you to select the best solution and use our broad experience to develop custom fibers tailored for your application. Our service for custom optical fibers includes design and modeling, preform fabrication, fiber drawing, characterization and environmental testing.

Our expertise allows us to fabricate various types of fibers:

  • Silica optical fibers of various chemical compositions
  • Single-, double-, and multi-clad rare earth doped optical fibers
  • Low-photodarkening Yb-doped fibers
  • Polarization maintaining (PM) optical fibers
  • Microstructured optical fibers
  • Custom capillaries
  • Fiber post-processing
  • Polymer optical fiber drawing

Versatile, our fibers can be used for multiple applications:

  • Fiber lasers and amplifiers
  • High peak-power
  • Physical sensing
  • Chemical sensing
  • Opto-fluidic systems

We also offer a wide range of custom laser processes of optical fibers

  • Optical fiber cleaving, lensing, drilling, shaping, and stripping
  • Glass polishing and machining
  • Stealth dicing of strengthened glasses
  • Glass welding

We also offer state-of-the-art ytterbium-doped optical fibers for pulsed laser applications.

Please contact our specialists for more information!