Fiber Endoscopy

We leverage our extensive expertise with fiber optic–based systems to develop the miniaturization tools needed to offer novel optical fiber probes for examining and treating tissues and conducting inspections in difficult-to-access locations.

Our optical fibers are specifically designed and optimized for individual or multiple applications. Fiber probes can be designed to deliver excitation light and efficiently collect light emitted from the target, with high contrast and minimal insertion loss. Our optical fiber probes and sensors are custom fabricated for biomedical applications:

  • Nonlinear imaging modality probes: second harmonic generation (SHG), multiphoton excitation fluorescence (MPF) microscopy, etc.
  • Customized fiber optic devices for endoscopes and free-standing machines
  • Integrated coupling optics for fiber probes
  • Fiber sensors
  • Customized micro-objectives for endoscopic applications
  • Integrated multimodal probes
  • Probes with proximal scanning of the laser beam

We capitalize on the creativity and talent of our specialists across multiple fields, including specialty optical fiber, fiber lasers, fiber sensors, optical design, microfabrication, and biophotonics. Our technology is ideal for the following fields of application:

  • High-resolution medical imaging of internal organs
  • Early cancer detection
  • Intraoperative imaging of tumor margins
  • Fundamental and clinical research
  • Visual guidance and monitoring during operations
  • Therapeutic laser treatment
  • Industrial inspection
  • Surveillance in confined spaces
  • Inspection in harsh environments

Our optical and optomechanical designers and biophotonics engineers routinely use their problem-solving skills to meet stringent requirements for biomedical, industrial, military, and aerospace applications. We also have the necessary environmental testing facilities to put your endoscopes and fiber probe systems to the test. Our experts are qualified for the processes needed to obtain licenses, permits, or certificates of conformity for medical or industrial systems or devices.