Intelligent Video Analysis

Real-time video object detection and tracking is a difficult task, especially in outdoor environments. We have developed a broad and diversified technology suite in intelligent video analysis—from choosing the right sensors to accurately tracking and positioning targets.

AWARE is a robust video analytics platform specially designed to detect targets in uncontrolled outdoor environments exposed to variable lighting conditions, poor weather conditions, and other dynamic factors.

AWARE has been used in a ground control application deployed at a number of airports around the world. Operating as a 24/7 outdoor tracking system, it extrapolates the position of the planes on the ground from the positioning data supplied by its camera network.

Our custom tracking and detection systems have numerous functionalities:

  • Thermal, NIR, color, and monochrome video analysis
  • Robust, real‑time analytic fusion of thermal and color videos (outdoor conditions)
  • Accurate positioning through intrinsic and extrinsic camera calibration

Our specialists can help you design and perfect video analysis algorithms to meet your needs:

  • Security and surveillance
  • Retail
  • Crowd counting

For detailed descriptions of our AWARE platform, contact us or read one of our articles on intelligent video analysis: