Optical characterization and metrology

We offer a range of metrology and characterization services critical for quality control of optical components and systems.

Our measurements guarantee that the optical components you order meet all the specifications conveyed to your supplier or manufacturer. When assembling optical systems, our measurements allow you to verify that system performance meets your client’s requirements.

Our optical characterization service gives you access to various types of measurements: spectrometry, colorimetry, luminous intensity measurements, contrast measurements (MTF), interferometry, wavefront measurements, precision measurements using a microscope, characterization of thin films and optical fibers, and more.

In pursuing our development projects, we acquire cutting-edge equipment to accurately align and rigorously test the optical systems we develop for our clients. Our well-equipped facility allows us to offer a wide variety of optical measurement services under one roof.

Examples of applications:

Trust our experts and their broad‑based skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding service for the following:
  • Inspection of optical components (lenses, mirrors, windows, filters, etc.) 
    • Radius of curvature (Rc) or flatness of optical surfaces 
    • Surface accuracy (irregularity, PV or RMS) 
    • Surface roughness or surface quality (scratch & dig) 
    • Angle between surfaces (parallelism, perpendicularity, centering) 
    • Transmission (%T) or reflection (%R) spectrum in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared (wavelengths ranging from 200nm to 300µm) 
  • Characterization of optical elements, assemblies, and systems 
    • Focal length 
    • Contrast or optical resolution (MTF) 
    • Transmitted wavefront error (TWE) 
    • Lens centering inside a mount or barrel 
    • Distance between two surfaces 
    • Angle between two surfaces 
  • Assembly and alignment of optical systems 
  • Spectrometry, photometry, radiometry, colorimetry 
  • Characterization of light sources (illuminance, intensity, angular distribution) 
  • Laser beam profiling and characterization 

Our integrated solutions also include a range of environmental testing services, including temperature, humidity, vacuum, shock, and vibration testing, which allow us to test the behavior and performance of components and systems in challenging environments.

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