Synthetic Aperture Ladar

INO is at the cutting edge of a rapidly emerging imaging technology known as synthetic aperture ladar (SAL). Based on the same basic principles as synthetic aperture radar (SAR), SAL takes advantage of platform motion to coherently sample multiple sections of an aperture much larger than the physical one, providing the ability to produce high-resolution imagery at long ranges. Since the wavelengths are much shorter than with SAR, SAL can offer much higher resolution images both during the day and at night. This exciting technology promises to be a powerful tool for defense and civilian applications on aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and eventually, spatial platforms.

INO is currently focusing its efforts on exploring the two and three-dimensional imaging capabilities of synthetic aperture ladar.

Our expertise: Design and fabrication of advanced optical systems

  • Leader in SAL optical head and optronic SAR and SAL processor systems

  • Recognized expert in ladar system development

  • Numerous contracts with space agencies from around the world for the development of optical devices (from sensors to cameras) for space

Our strength: A combination of broad-based optronics know-how and creativity. 

We reach beyond conventional optical system designs to help you better meet your imaging needs.

Fields of application:

  • Defense & security

  • Reconnaissance

  • Tactical UAV

  • Frontier surveillance

  • Agricultural monitoring

  • Disaster monitoring

  • Terrain mapping

  • Urban security

  • Ocean monitoring

  • Ship detection


INO has all the inhouse expertise to take your requirements and produce a SAL system design that fits your needs. We offer complete SAL system development, including design and fabrication of the acquisition system as well as the image formation system. As the leader in optronic synthetic aperture processing, INO offers you fully integrated, all-optronic low-power synthetic aperture ladar systems that are both compact and ultrafast. 

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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