Thin film deposition of hermetic solder layers

Solder layers consist of a stack of gold, nickel, and chrome films deposited onto specific areas around a window. This stack of metals makes it possible to hermetically solder the window to its package to maintain the functional integrity of the FPA, the detector, or the sensor. 

We offer hermetic solder layer deposition services for hermetic packaging. Our highly flexible process allows us to meet your specific requirements. We can deposit metallic thin films of gold, nickel, chrome, or titanium on various materials such as glass, ceramic, silicon, germanium, sapphire, quartz, diamond, and metals. Samples can be supplied individually or in chip wafers up to 200 mm in diameter, which can then be cut to the desired dimensions.

INO Hermetic solder

INO Hermetic solder

We offer customized metallization capabilities for package lids and windows for vacuum seal packaging:

  • Sputter deposition process on the perimeter of lids and windows
  • Stacks of metals offer multiple advantages: adhesion, diffusion barrier, and oxidation prevention (typically used for fluxless solders)
  • Solder sealing frame geometry for lid customized to specific requirements
  • Custom inspection to meet specific requirements
  • Class 1000 clean room environment – FED-209E (ISO-6; 14644-1)

Nominal specifications of solderable layer deposition:

  • Lid/window thickness: 0.2 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Lid/windows dimensions: flexible, client specifications
  • Soldering frame seal lid width dimensions: 500 µm and up
  • Tolerance on frame seal lid width: +/- 7.5%
  • Typical lid edge broadening: +/- 10%
  • Soldering seal lid thickness: 150 nm to 800 nm
  • Typical thickness tapering down: 33% of lid width
  • Tolerance on lid maximum thickness: +/- 8%
  • Higher precision available on request