From October 4, 2021 to October 7, 2021

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

Our team will be at the 2021 Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show. Meet them at booth #2127.


Meet our Advanced Manufacturing Business Unit Manager, Mario Simard, our Solutions Manager Donald Prévost and our Business Development Manager Tim Pope. Learn more about our sensors, our hyperspectral station and printed photonicsTerahertz Imaging and QuickPOZ.

Hyperspectral Station

The mobile hyperspectral imaging station facilitates access to annotated data that was previously hard to obtain. Data generated combines spatial and spectral information (data hypercubes) with annotations by your experts to enable you to explore a multitude of applications.

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Printed Photonics

Printed photonics are an offshoot of printed electronics. This technology involves the printing of photonic devices, mainly sensors and light sources. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the explosion in demand for connected devices in every sphere of activity, printed photonics have a great deal to offer.

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Terahertz Imaging

INO’s comprehensive THz solution meets the highest industry standards.

  • The microxcam-384i, our THz camera, delivers superior-quality images in real time.
  • Lenses for unrivalled image quality.
  • Illumination systems offer an imaging surface bigger than what standard solutions provide. Our light sources can be configured in transmission and/or reflection mode.

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The QuickPOZ optical mount and breadboard line-up addresses the need for robust optomechanical prototyping. Using these self-positioning optomechanical mounts is a cost-effective way of rapidly assembling prototypes that will remain aligned under even the harshest operating and transport conditions.

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