Hyperspectral imaging station

The mobile hyperspectral imaging station facilitates access to annotated data that was previously hard to obtain. Data generated combines spatial and spectral information (data hypercubes) with annotations by your experts to enable you to explore a multitude of applications.

INO mobile hyperspectral imaging station
INO hyperspectral imaging station
INO hyperspectral imaging station


Using the analytical tools available with our hyperspectral platform, we can help you define a system that meets your needs. By optimizing and reducing the number of wavelength bands you require, we streamline the design and significantly reduce costs.

Our solution is easily adaptable to your needs and specifications and is capable of generating expressive databases in situ under the best possible conditions in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency. Features of our mobile hyperspectral station include:

  • Capture module: Outfitted with two cameras, the capture module can measure the spectral response of any object from the visible band to NIR (400 nm to 2500 nm), and at various spatial resolutions up to 50 µm. In combination with the lighting module, this platform is compatible with multiple measurement configurations for developing solutions.
  • Lighting module: This module features an ingenious design that maximizes projected light energy in the sensing area while controlling heat emission. The halogen light source provides uniform spectral coverage from 400 to 2500 nm. The optical design is also optimized to ensure both spatial (along field of view) and spectral uniformity to improve camera response at each wavelength.
  • Acquisition module: In a single click, our HyperVisual acquisition software allows users to scan objects under analysis at speeds determined on the basis of the desired spatial resolution and provides output in the form of a hypercube of merged spectral reflectance measurements covering the entire range from 400 nm to 2500 nm.
  • Annotation module: our HyperRealism software enables non-expert users of hyperspectral imaging to explore hypercubes in an interactive, user-friendly way to quickly get an overview of noteworthy information. Comprehensive and easy-to-use ergonomic annotation tools are available to make ground truth annotations based on the desired application.
  • Hyperspectral data analysis module: Using multivariate analysis techniques and AI, our team can interpret hyperspectral measurements in order to identify the analysis model dictating application decision rules, as well as wavelengths of interest and critical system requirements for the solution to be developed.

Main specifications

  • Detector CCD (1392 x 1040-λ pixels) (Visible) / HgCdTe (320 x 256-λ pixels) (SWIR)
  • Spectral band 400–1000 nm (Visible) / 1000–2500 nm (SWIR)
  • Spectral resolution 2.5 nm (Visible) / 8 nm (SWIR)
  • Spatial sampling Configurable (down to 0.05 mm) (Visible) / Configurable (down to 0.05 mm) (SWIR)
  • Spatial Pixels 1392 (Visible) / 320 (SWIR)
  • Acquisition frequency 60 Hz (Visible) / 60 Hz (SWIR)
  • Sample size Up to 60 cm (L) along field of vision, 40 cm (H) (Visible) / Up to 60 cm (L) along field of vision, 40 cm (H) (SWIR)

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