Fiber Laser with Programmable Amplitude Waveform

Client : Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI)
Industries: Advanced Manufacturing
Technologies: Fiber Laser

Pulse Shaping MOPA Laser Platform (367 ko)


Our client wanted to develop a new generation of lasers to process and repair DRAM, SRAM, and other types of memory that are continuously breaking new ground in terms of miniaturization. The performance of the lasers used for these repairs must constantly be enhanced to improve process efficiency and product quality while reducing costs. Our objective: to develop an industrial fiber laser that can operate 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

  • This new generation of lasers can be used for such tasks as electronic memory repair
  • Full pulse modulation control


The laser we developed boasts a unique capability to program the temporal shape of the laser pulse for a duration of between 2.5 ns and 80 ns at a repetition rate ranging from 100 kHz to 1 MHz. More specifically, each of the 32 pulse programming intervals can be programmed over 1,024 levels of intensity, which provides unparalleled flexibility in laser pulse shaping. In addition, this laser is adapted to frequency conversion and can just as easily be used to generate a 1064 nm beam as a converted 532 nm or 355 nm beam.


The laser can be amplified using a solid state amplifier to generate pulses with more energy while conserving the beam’s state of polarization and extremely high quality. The laser pulse can be programmed directly from a computer connected to the laser. Users can also record over 32 different pulse shapes in the laser programming circuit and retrieve them as needed. Two of these pulse shapes can be preselected and then switched out during operation in less than a microsecond.

Other applications

This new laser has strong potential in a number of fields outside of microelectronics. Indeed, it is ideally suited to improving a multitude of processes whenever substrates or multilayered environments must be processed by allowing operators to adjust the peak power of a single pulse so that each specific layer of the substrate is processed with optimal efficiency. Moreover, for applications that require peak pulse power to vary as the total energy applied to the material increases, this laser is the perfect tool for process optimization.

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