Fiber laser with programmable amplitude waveform (MOPAW)

This laser offers the unique functionality of enabling the programming of the temporal pulse shape, with durations ranging from 2 ns to 1 µs or more.

The repetition rate is also adjustable, from single-shot to 500 kHz or more. More specifically, each of the 1 ns pulse temporal intervals can be programmed with 8,192 levels of intensity, providing unparalleled flexibility in temporal optical pulse shaping.

In addition, this source is adapted to frequency conversion and can just as easily be used to generate a 1064 nm beam as a converted wavelength of 532 nm, 355 nm, or 266 nm.

The laser can be amplified using a solid-state amplifier to generate pulses with more energy while at the same time preserving the beam’s state of polarization and high quality.

Pulses can be programmed directly from a computer connected to the laser. Users can also record over 64 different pulse shapes in the laser programming circuit and retrieve them as needed.

This laser is an ideal tool for developing micromachining processes, especially on delicate multi-layered substrates requiring precise control of the temporal distribution of the fluence.

The stability of the laser when used at different repetition rates makes it possible to maintain a constant optical dose per pulse, guaranteeing quality machining, regardless of the beam delivery system (e.g., scanner, displacement table, multifaceted mirrors).

In the case of subsequent amplification in another medium, such as a solid-state amplifier, the flexibility afforded by temporal pulse shape programming and the considerable dynamic range it provides make it possible to precompensate for certain temporal effects, including gain saturation. This enables the possibility of obtaining the desired pulse shape despite of having multiple, cascaded, amplifiers.