Optical Molecular Imaging

Client : ART Advanced Research and Technologies Inc.
Industries: Biomedtech
Technologies: Multispectral Imaging, Optical Design


At the request of our client, ART Advanced Research and Technologies Inc., we developed an optical molecular imaging system to quantitatively evaluate the effect of new drugs on lab animals. ART, which specializes in products for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, wanted a real-time, non-invasive way of visualizing biodistribution and pharmacokinetics in vivo.

  • Optix MX2 optical molecular imaging system developed by INO for ART
  • Illustration of a drug being injected intravenously


The system, marketed by ART under the name of “Optix MX2,” stands out for its ability to recover fluorescence lifetime, which can be used to separate and quantify probe distributions depending on the biochemical environment. The sensitivity of this system surpasses competitors’ devices on the preclinical market because it can detect lower concentrations of signals deeper inside the body. This new system, which ART currently distributes directly in North America, is used by pharmaceutical industry leaders and scientists.


This project involved multiple areas of expertise: Multispectral fluorescence lifetime imagining with absorption measurements, 3D optical profiling, 2D line or point-by-point controlled scanning, and data analysis and visualization, including coregistration of fluorescence by dedicated software. The optical design of illumination and fluorescence detection channels was done entirely at INO. We have also developed and manufactured an assembly and calibration procedure performed with a phantom (a scattering media whose characteristics are known) fabricated by INO.

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