Case Studies

INO Case Study Cerus Corporation

A customized LED UVA Illuminator

How Cerus Corporation has partnered with INO to develop a UVA illuminator to inactivate pathogens in blood components for transfusion.

INO Case Study GHGSat

Artificial intelligence software to detect methane leaks

How GHGSat is increasing its data analysis capacity to automate its detection operations. 

INO Case Study Univerco

Contributing to Food Autonomy in Quebec through Artificial Intelligence

How INO and Univerco collaborated on the development of a vegetable harvesting solution.

INO Case Study Stadler

The Development of a Laser Anemometer for the Transportation Industry

How INO and the NRC partnered with Stadler to help them achieve 100% actionable, precise data from tests on its trains without worrying about the weather. 

INO Case Study EarthDaily Analytics

A Satellite Constellation for a Better Understanding of the Earth and Climate Change

How INO and EarthDaily Analytics are using thermal cameras to better understand climate change and the Earth. 

INO Case Study Eikon Therapeutics

Moving from Prototype to Industrial Product to Develop New Breakthrough Medications

How INO and Eikon Therapeutics are revolutionizing the drug discovery process to create new medicines to address serious illnesses. 

INO Case Study BinSentry

Detecting More than Fill Levels in Farmers’ Bins with Machine Vision

How INO and BinSentry are revolutionizing the animal feed supply chain industry with 3D sensors. 

INO Case Study Logiag

The Production of a Marketable System for Agricultural Soil and Plant Sample Analysis

How INO Scaled and Put Logiag’s Lab Equipment into Short-Run Production.