Mastering Compact Spectroscopy Solutions

Client: Tornado Spectral Systems

Ontario-based company Tornado Spectral Systems has developed spectrometers incorporating a patented innovation that effectively eliminates the traditional “slit” of conventional instruments. Their spectrometers are a simple and uniquely elegant innovation and engineering feat. The achievement has its genesis in the minds of people looking at a traditional field unbiased by preconceived ideas. The net result is a high performance instrument that does not compromise spectral resolution and high throughput efficiency.


Based on Tornado Spectral Systems' use of a revolutionary and proprietary concept called the high throughput virtual slit (HTVS), this development project has generated a new genre of high throughput, high resolution spectrometers without having to settle for trade-offs. This optical design breakthrough will enable entirely new applications by providing additional spectral information.

Tornado Spectral Systems drew upon our complementary expertise for the successful and rapid prototype-to-product translation of a unique spectrometer platform. Capitalizing on INO’s core expertise in optical and optomechanical design and engineering, the first Tornado spectrometers were born from a highly collaborative development approach. The key optical and engineering achievements in this project include performance optimization, packaging and integration, and robust and manufacturable systems engineering, yielding a new generation of “enlightened spectroscopy”. Invoking the perfect mixture of our various interdisciplinary teams, alpha research prototype spectrometers were rapidly and harmoniously transferred to a viable first run production series with top tier QC and QA, and all in house within only a couple of months! Inspired by Tornado Spectral Systems’ ingenious innovation, we helped realize their first-of-a-kind HTVS spectrometer, delivering a reliable spectrometer system of incredible performance, not previously available.

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