May 21, 2021


Self-Positioning Optomechanical Mounts for a Cost-Effective Way of Rapidly Assembling Prototypes

Accurate positioning and fast prototyping can be a game changer from early prototyping to small series phase. After more than 25 years of prototype development used in demanding environments like aerospace, military, severe industrial environments, bioscience and more, INO is introducing QuickPOZ, the optomechanical mounts for robust prototyping.

With our self-positioning optomechanical mounts, you can rapidly assemble prototypes that will remain aligned under even the harshest operating and transport conditions. All mounts have been designed to be operated in a typical ground transport vehicle vibration environment while maintaining pointing stability under ±50 µrad.

Easy to use, fast assembling, cost-effective

Each mount can be easily located with high position repeatability using removable reference balls on INO’s special breadboard. Our technology is cost-effective, vibration resistant and designed with tight tolerance reference features. With QuickPoz, your optical layout can be set up very quickly and all optical components will be positioned to their nominal location.