Véronique Proulx, MBA

President and CEO, Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Québec
Senior Vice President, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Member of the board of directors since 2020

Véronique Proulx

Véronique Proulx is a leader in the Quebec export and manufacturing sectors, having spent 14 years as Director of International Affairs at the Laval Technopole and four years as President of Commerce International Québec, where she oversaw government and public relations.

She joined MEQ (Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Québec) in March 2015 as Director of Communications, Public Affairs, and Strategy. After being appointed Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Strategy in January 2016, Ms. Proulx was promoted to President and CEO in September 2017 and is the first woman to hold this position. She is also Senior Vice President, National Communications and Marketing, for the parent company, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

She sits on the Board of Directors of Panier Bleu and chairs the working group on Quebec products and businesses (Origine québécoise des produits et des commerces).

She holds an Executive MBA from Paris-Dauphine University and UQAM.



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