Tornado and INO: A Long-lasting Relationship

Client: Tornado Spectral Systems

Tornado Spectral Systems was established in 2013 as a leading manufacturer of chemical analysis and measurement systems using Raman spectroscopy. However, INO and Tornado started working together well before that!

A partnership since 2012

Our rst collaborations were with Arjae Spectral, one of two sister companies that would merge to form Tornado Spectral Systems. We worked together on the productization of spectrometers based on their proprietary high throughput virtual slit(HTVS) technology. The Sensei spectrometer developed with Arjae in 2012 was the predecessor of the Fuji Pro Plus still manufactured at INO today and used in Tornado’s HyperFlux Pro Plus Raman spectroscopy systems.

INO’s complementary expertise gave Tornado the agility they needed to scale up internal capacity, while INO’s solid reputation gave customers and development partners added condence in the technology. The partnership therefore grew in recent years with the production of the Hudson optical probe.

The challenge? To optimize a Raman probe head

Tornado Spectral Systems developed a Raman optical probe prototype designed to interface the HyperFlux Pro Plus analyzer to a variety of different sample types. They needed the help of INO’s experts to optimize the Raman probe head for maximum efciency and manufacturability. Our teams in optics and optomechanics worked together to complete the probe design, testing, and a rst short-run production of the Hudson probe. Given the positive feedback from Tornado customers, INO foresees the production of many Hudson probes in the years to come.

Working with INO helps Tornado cut their time to market and increase trust in their products among partners and customers. INO is very pleased to be a major part of Tornado’s business strategy and looks forward to the collaboration continuing for years to come.

“ We have worked closely with INO in the development of novel spectrometers and probes for many years now. INO has the deep expertise in optical and optomechanical design and production engineering that allows them to understand and productize our prototypes. The open collaboration between our personnel at both the development and production levels is a key factor in our success, and the success of our customers. “


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