Detecting Colorado Potato Beetle Outbreaks to Treat Only Infected Areas.

How INO and Patates Dolbec Intend to Reduce Insecticide Use by 25% in the Field.

INO Case Study Patates Dolbec

The Colorado potato beetle is an insect pest rampant throughout the world. Crops need regular monitoring, early outbreak detection and insecticide application to fight the infestation.

However, the excessive use of chemical pesticides involves a combination of environmental and economic issues. All farmers and specifically Patates Dolbec wish to restrict their use of insecticides to the strict minimum

Together, Patates Dolbec and INO set a goal of allowing to reduce the use of pesticides by 25% while treating only outbreaks.

Read this case study to learn more about:

  • the collaboration between INO, Quantino and Patates Dolbec;
  • the challenges faced;
  • the steps required for developing a viable solution.

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