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Client: Can-Explore

INO Case Study Can-Explore

Can-Explore is a Québec-based company founded by two university friends, Louis Légaré-Lapointe and Olivier Lefebvre, in 2014. Specialized in engineering services, the company sets itself  apart thanks  to its complete mastery of new technologies, both in terms of field work and the presentation of informa- tion to their clients. Can-Explore’s experienced team offers its clients a technological and personalized service; it collects, processes and disseminates data on the state of their assets, and is always looking for new and innovative techniques to meet and exceed requirements in the field.

Can-Explore collaborated with us in 2016 when our INO Pipe 3DC laser profilometer, designed to mea- sure the inside of pipes, such as sewer and water pipes, was in its infancy. Why? From the beginning, Can-Explore sought to enhance its client offering, and knew that partnering with INO would ensure they had the added value that would make all the difference.

Generally speaking, inspection is done with a camera installed on a vehicle, pulled by a rope, or on a robot- vehicle that films the inside of the pipes. The results are then analyzed, commented and annotated by certified technicians.

Thanks to INO, the company was able to provide a digital twin of the pipes, in addition to the traditional and official reports.

Over the past year, INO and Can-Explore have partnered on a few tests and projects. Among other things, we made high-precision measure- ments to confirm the shape and dimensions of the City of Québec’s water main. The inspection provi- ded important parameters required to manufacture the pipe ends to replace and strengthen the pipe. Thanks to the measurements obtained by the laser profilometer and the know-how of the Can-Explore team, the work was successfully completed.

Strengthening its position as a technological pioneer and leader in the f ield, Can-Explore was the first to regularly purchase and use INO’s 3DC Pipe to obtain a point cloud and thus take advantage of the wealth of data the sensor offers.

A player like INO could only bring a fresh vision, and indeed, we were able to obtain a very interesting pro- duct. The team was available and came out in the field to experience our reality. The sensor provides us with quality data, allowing us to optimize the expenditure and the life span of the pipes.