Optics Shoot and Score!

Client : CCM Hockey

CCM is a Canadian company well known to sports and hockey fans. The company is associated with several NHL professional players and for decades, it’s also producing consumer equipment such as skates, helmets, gloves, sticks and more.

In order to always give more to its customers, CCM wanted to offer hockey sticks adapted to the style of each player. The right stick, for the right player, according to his physical abilities and his style of play. To do this, CCM wanted to develop and display directly at all CCM retailers, a system called "Stick Fitting System.”  This new technology analyzes the player’s movement while he shoots.

CCM was already working on this application before contacting INO. The system was too expensive to be installed in stores, so our mandate was to develop an efficient technology to do the same player analysis, but at a lower cost.

The INO team has therefore applied to the task of developing a simple system that can measure the players’ movement in 2D and can be easily used in store. The system had to detect and follow the movement of the player's wrist when he shoots or hits the puck. All analysis taken during the tests had to be linked to precise data, matching the player to the ideal CCM hockey stick for his style of play.

Reference points on the stick and puck are used for the test result to match a CCM stick.

The system produced by INO includes a high-speed camera and software that provides the information and analysis needed, including 2D trajectory, puck speed, and more.

The system is currently tested by CCM with hockey players for future installation at their retailers’ shop.

We had a great experience with the INO team. It felt more like a partnership than a client/clientele relationship, which is what we needed. They were also flexible in how they structured their contracts, in order to align with our deadlines and internal needs.