Mission Possible for Fiber Optics Experts!

Client: Teraxion

INO Case Study Teraxion

Backed by its team of seasoned experts always on the cutting edge and with more than 30 years in the business, INO has earned its reputation as a leader in fiber optics. Our specialists’ subject matter expertise opens the door to innovative solutions that boost business productivity!

The challenge? Step up the production of fiber components

TeraXion, an INO spinoff company, has become the leader in the manufacture of innovative components incorporating Fiber Bragg Gratings, low-noise lasers, and integrated photonic components. For some time now, the company has been looking to step up production of its ber components to keep pace with increasing competition. The goal was to automate certain manufacturing steps to streamline production. That meant unwinding precise lengths of ber and measuring the optical signal. For the rst time, the company did not have the resources inhouse to carry out the job. Knowing that INO had the requisite expertise, TeraXion asked us to help bring their idea to life.

The success? Teams' collaboration

The technical challenges for the team included maintaining even tension while unwinding the ber, then releasing it precisely and measuring the reected optical signal in a moving roll of ber. TeraXion needed a solution that would automate tasks, cut production time, and ensure greater uniformity. And it all had to be done on a tight schedule. Teamwork between INO and TeraXion was the secret to project success. Communication and planning were critical from the outset, with both teams regularly consulting with each other. Thanks to the hard work and creativity of both teams, they successfully completed the project on time.

With INO’s solution, TeraXion can now profitably manufacture products that otherwise would have been priced out of the market. This collaboration gave TeraXion a chance to see everything INO can do and all the support we offer Canadian companies.

Our recent experience goes to show that INO has what it takes to tackle projects methodically and provide innovative solutions based on cutting edge knowledge.