Optical Fibers and Waveguides

High-Attenuation Fiber with Cladding Mode Suppression For All-Fiber Optical Attenuator

Nonfull Aperture Luneberg-Type Lens with a Graded Index Core and a Homogeneous Cladding, Method for Forming Thereof, and High Numerical Aperture Laser Diode Assembly

Lunenburg Lens with a Graded Index Core and Homogeneous Cladding

Method for Forming a Nonfull Aperture Luneberg Lens with a Graded Index Core and a Homogenous Cladding

Method of Changing the Optical Invariant of Multifiber Fiber-Optic Elements

Needle Assembly And System For Collection And Optical Interrogation Of A Biological Sample

Photodynamics with Magnetic Fields

Apparatus and Method for Elucidating Reaction Dynamics of Photoreactive Compounds from Opticals Signals Affected by an External Magnetic Field

Hybridized Optical-Mri Method and Device for Melecular Dynamic Monitoring of in Vivo Response to Disease Treatment


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