High-Definition Infrared Space Camera Core (HDISCC)

Our HDISCC is a submodule of a space-compatible thermal imaging camera, which contains an infrared-sensitive detector and its readout electronics.

INO High-Definition Infrared Space Camera Core
INO High-Definition Infrared Space Camera Core HDISCC


Our High-Definition Infrared Space Camera Core (HDISCC) is equipped with an uncooled detector that offers a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and a 14 µm pitch, suitable for capturing infrared images across a spectrum from 3 to 14 µm, with capabilities extending up to 100 µm.   

It includes integrated filters and sophisticated read-out electronics that enhance both image quality and system dependability. The camera is designed to perform reliably for a 10-year duration in low Earth orbit (LEO) environments. 

HDISCC Detector Package

The design of the HDISCC includes a package cavity large enough to accommodate single or multiple custom spectral filters, positioned approximately 500μm above the detector die. This allows for push-broom multispectral imaging capabilities on a single detector. Filter holders maintain direct thermal contact with the Focal Plane Array (FPA) routing circuit and the thermoelectric cooler (TEC), enhancing temperature stability control for the filters.   

The HDISCC requires an external electronics control board. For further information, please contact us.

The high absorption of INO’s uncooled detectors in the far infrared allows for the fabrication of broadband radiometers that will serve for enhanced climate monitoring and prediction as soon to be demonstrated in the ESA Earthcare mission and potentially in upcoming Canadian space agency and NASA missions.  


  • Wildfire detection and monitoring
  • Soil and water management in agriculture
  • Disaster prevention
  • Environmental Insurance
  • Infrastructure urban mapping

INO Technical Sheet High-Definition Infrared Space Camera Core (HDISCC)


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