MICROXCAM-384I-MLWIR - 3-14 Micron infrared camera

Our MICROXCAM-384-i-MLWIR infrared camera provides live video images over a wide spectral range of 3 to 14 µm with unrivaled sensitivity. It is based on INO’s 384 x 288 pixel uncooled microbolometric detector.

3-14 Microns Infrared Camera


The only one of its kind on the market, our camera is perfect for image capture in the mid- and far-IR range. Its compact footprint (61 x 61 x 65 mm),  lightweight  and low power consumption make it a great choice for numerous applications.


  • Imaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control
  • Process management
  • Spectroscopy
  • Security
  • Inspection

Main specifications

  • Wavelength range 3–14 µm
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Programmable parameters

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