Pipe 3DC - 3D capture of internal pipe

Go above and beyond visual CCTV inspection and maximize your in-pipe inspection processes with INO’s Pipe 3DC, the laser profilometry sensor that lets you generate precise 3D digital images of interior pipe geometry (shape and defects).

Modular 3D Sensors
INO Pipe 3DC - 3D capture of pipe interiors
INO Pipe 3DC - 3D capture of pipe interiors


During pipe inspection, our laser-based Pipe 3DC solution produces a high-definition 3D point cloud used to generate a digital twin of the pipe’s interior service. This highly accurate reproduction makes it much easier to plan and prioritize maintenance and repair work.

Pipe 3DC can be mounted with brackets on top of your crawler for larger pipes (15–30 in.) or placed on a trailer to be pulled through smaller diameter pipes (6–14 in.)

* Brackets and trailer available for Deep Trekker DT340L pipe crawler.

Storm drain pipe assessment


  • Pipes inspection
  • Pipes condition assessment
  • Pipes 3D imaging

Main specifications

  • Data Data can be exported in standard 3D file formats like .xyz or .las for further use and analysis in specialized 3rd party software, such as CAD, BIM, or GIS. Video generated by the camera is also available in .mp4 format.
  • Visualization Shape
  • Measurement Diameter (horizontal/vertical)
    Cross section
  • Surveying and inventory Joints
  • Detection and analysis Structural defects
  • Pipe internal diameter between 6 and 36 in
  • Pipe material Cast iron, PVC, HDPE, concrete, and brick surfaces
  • 50 profiles per second (1 mm profile spacing at 3m/min)
  • Radial resolution (depth) 1 mm
  • 0.25° azimuth resolution (perimeter) 1,440 points per profile
    0.7 mm in a 300 mm pipe
  • Dimensions 100 x 400 mm (diameter x length)
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Power 15W, 10-48 volts