Modular 3D Sensors

INO’s high power and high speed 3D profilers are designed to measure surfaces several meters wide with unprecedented accuracy in full sunlight. To this end, INO develops a series of dedicated software and hardware tools. Features are offered “à la carte” to speed up the product development cycle and deliver performance.

Mix Lcms 360 Degrees


Configuration design software

  • Configuration optimized for given specifications
  • Designed using an extensive database of off-the-shelf lenses and sensors

 High power laser projector

  • 15 W optical power
  • 30 kHz pulse modulation
  • Thermal management

Accurate acquisition software

  • Demonstrated 1/16 pixel peak detector module
  • Acquisition rate:

- 60 million points per second
- 30,000 fps
- 2,000 points/profile

Precise calibration software

  • Highly compressed look-up table (LUT)
  • Lossless LUT
  • Noise filtering

Large dimension point cloud viewer software

  • Billions of data points
  • Real-time, level of detail visualization


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You have a project in mind? Talk with our specialists.

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