Multispectral Fog Database and Simulator

As a leading developer and provider of video analytics and multispectral imaging solutions, INO now offers a multispectral fog imagery database with annotations and a simulator. The database was acquired in the CEREMA fog chamber, using multiple cameras and multiple target types in different fog conditions.

These tools can be used to help design outdoor camera systems as a way to predict their performances in adverse weather conditions. The database makes it possible to test performance in set conditions, and the data can be extrapolated through the simulator to gather more specific information, depending on your sensor(s) specifications or the working distance you need to test.

It is a great starting point for design assessment before conducting real tests in fog conditions. 


Ongoing collaboration with CEREMA allows database updates and facilitates eventual fog experiments. The database features a MATLAB® GUI allowing you to quickly select, visualize, and extract data based on the following selection possibilities:

  • Target/camera configuration
  • Fog parameters (size, visibility)
  • Fog production (fixed visibility  level or dissipation)
  • Day and night time conditions 


The fog database covers a wide spectral range, thanks to a setup that provides outstanding synergy between the various multispectral passive sensors operating from visible to infrared (SWIR, MWIR & LWIR). The data set is supplemented by additional measurements of fog parameters (visibility and size distribution), temperature, humidity, and human visual tests. The simulator’s capabilities could be used to validate various fog models or predict sensor performances in adverse conditions.

Watch this video for simulations of LWIR and MWIR cameras in fog conditions.

Fields of application

The platform can be used for various applications:

  • Methodological development to compare artificial and human vision systems
  • Development of algorithms for image analysis and processing in adverse weather conditions
  • Application and development of new imaging technologies in the specific conditions of fog (infrared, laser, etc.)
  • Performance testing of upcoming advance driver assistance systems (ADAS) including automatic obstacle detection features (lidar)
  • Study of analysis methods of visual scenes by video photometry
  • Examination of driver perception in conditions of poor visibility, target detection, and readability tests, with focus on context influence
  • Performance evaluation of innovative signaling systems

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