Multispectral Fog Database and Simulator

As a leading developer and provider of video analytics and multispectral imaging solutions, INO now offers a multispectral fog imagery database with annotations and a simulator.

The database was acquired at the CEREMA fog chamber using multiple cameras and multiple target types in different fog conditions.

These tools are primarily intended for use in the design of outdoor camera systems to predict camera performance in adverse weather conditions. While the database allows for performance assessment in set conditions, data can also be extrapolated through the simulator to gather more specific information, depending on sensor specifications and the working distance to be tested.

It is a great starting point for design assessment before conducting actual tests in fog conditions.


Ongoing collaboration with CEREMA allows for database updates and facilitates fog experiments. The database features a MATLAB® GUI allowing you to easily select, visualize, and extract data based on the following selection options:

  • Target/camera configuration
  • Fog parameters (size, visibility)
  • Fog production (fixed visibility level or dissipation)
  • Day- and night-time conditions


The fog database covers a wide spectral range, thanks to a setup that provides outstanding synergy between the multispectral passive sensors operating in bands from visible to infrared (SWIR, MWIR & LWIR). The data set is completed by additional measurements of fog parameters (visibility and size distribution), temperature, and humidity, as well as human visual tests. The simulator capabilities can be used to validate fog models or predict sensor performances in adverse conditions.

Fields of application

  • Outdoor imaging
  • Transportation
  • Aeronautics
  • Fog model validation
  • Sensor performance assessment

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