Terahertz Camera Module

Over the past 10 years, we have become experts in terahertz imaging.  Our THz solutions offer you the highest quality images at the fastest speeds.

Whatever your specific applications, our experts can help you optimize your imaging system to maximize imaging performance.

With our state-of-the-art terahertz laboratory, we can design and fabricate innovative solutions to solve industry problems. Our expertise extends to both hardware and software. We design and fabricate optimized THz detectors, low-noise electronics, and illumination and imaging optics that produce high-quality images. We also design and implement image enhancement and analysis algorithms to extract the required information from THz images.

Our image chain experts can choose the optimal wavelength for your application and design optics to deliver uniform illumination over your required viewing area, providing you with video rate imaging rather than single detector scanning. This high speed, high quality see-through imaging is what sets us apart from the competition and can give your application a competitive edge, whether in the area of security, defense, quality inspection, biomedical, aerospace, or agriculture.