Life sciences

Manufacturing Terahertz Life sciences
October 2023

Pushing the Limits of Product and Packaging Quality Control

Discover how optics can optimise the quality control and packaging of products.

Manufacturing Terahertz Medical Devices Life sciences
February 2023

See What’s Under the Surface: Aiming for Zero Defects!

Now superheroes aren’t the only ones who can see through walls!

Manufacturing Life sciences Agri-food
June 2020

Green Innovations for Industry

Electronic devices are packed with printed circuits—the electronic equivalent of our nervous system. With the explosive development of the Internet of Things, we’ll soon be living in a world where we interact on a daily basis with over 50 billion connected objects of all kinds.

Life sciences Agri-food
June 2020

Controlling the Cold Chain: More Accessible and Less Expensive Than Ever

The online food delivery market continues to rise in popularity with consumers demanding fresh, locally grown produce be shipped to their home. However, how can companies ensure food remains fresh and safe for consumption?

Life sciences
March 2020

How Can We Reduce Nosocomial Infections?

As the world’s governments roll out their plans to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), it is only natural to reflect on our ability to protect ourselves from the various viruses and infections to which we may be exposed. In a period where public gatherings are being banned around the world, people are asked to limit their international travel, and most sports leagues in North America and Europe have suspended their seasons, what can hospitals do? What steps are being taken to ensure that those already debilitated by another disease do not come down with a new virus or infection? How do we protect hospital staff?

Life sciences
March 2020

Biothreats: Are We Ready for Them?

Bioterrorism and biological warfare are disaster movie staples and a common enough theme in the news and in the mouths of alarmists. These words strike fear in people’s hearts and mark our collective imagination. But above and beyond our popular conceptions, it’s important to be aware of biothreats and the danger they represent.

Life sciences
January 2020

IV Bags: Is There an End in Sight to IV Bag Recalls/Supply Issues?

Intravenous (IV) solution bags are in high demand in our healthcare system, and quality control is one of the key success factors driving this market. Intravenous solution bag recalls due to defects and leaks are one of the most disruptive issues in the industry.