June 2023

Fugitive Dust Emissions: Challenges and Solutions for Port Environments

Discover the challenges and solutions for ports environments to manage fugitive dust emission.

Environment Aerospace
May 2021

Wildfire Monitoring: Tackling a Financial and Environmental Issue

Did you know that there are approximately 7,600 forest fires every year in Canada? All these fires have significant environmental consequences, and fighting them could cost upwards of $1 billion.

July 2020

Creating Cost-Effective Dust Control Strategies

Mining processes and primary and secondary ore processing operations produce dust that remains in ambient air. Depending on the type of ore being extracted or processed, mining dust may contain particulates that are dangerous to human health.

June 2020

Measuring Air Quality to Better Understand Its Impact

We’re all exposed to air pollution, and we’re all affected by air quality. There is no threshold below which pollution has no effect on humans, animals, or plants.

Environment Infrastructure Manufacturing
May 2020

How to Make Industrial Water Monitoring More Efficient

Water plays an essential role in numerous industrial processes. It’s used for oil extraction in the oil sands, for example, as well as in pulp and paper making, metallurgical processes, and chemical plants.