Manufacturing Terahertz Life sciences
October 2023

Pushing the Limits of Product and Packaging Quality Control

Discover how optics can optimise the quality control and packaging of products.

Manufacturing Terahertz Medical Devices Life sciences
February 2023

See What’s Under the Surface: Aiming for Zero Defects!

Now superheroes aren’t the only ones who can see through walls!

Manufacturing Terahertz Medical Devices
September 2022

Seven Non-Destructive Inspection Technologies for the Manufacturing Industry

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is an inspection method used in many industries.

March 2021

Short-Run Production: How to Choose the Right Partner

Wondering how to be productive AND stay competitive in your market? Delegating production to a third party is a great option, but how do you choose the right partner?

July 2020

How to Measure Scattering Coating Thickness Effectively to Save on Resources and Energy

Ground vehicle bodies and aircraft fuselages require several coats of paint to ensure long years of rust- and perforation-free performance. Typically, the vehicle will receive a surface protection coating, then, a primer coat is applied before different basecoats (i.e. colors) and finally, a clearcoat.

Manufacturing Life sciences Agri-food
June 2020

Green Innovations for Industry

Electronic devices are packed with printed circuits—the electronic equivalent of our nervous system. With the explosive development of the Internet of Things, we’ll soon be living in a world where we interact on a daily basis with over 50 billion connected objects of all kinds.

Environment Infrastructure Manufacturing
May 2020

How to Make Industrial Water Monitoring More Efficient

Water plays an essential role in numerous industrial processes. It’s used for oil extraction in the oil sands, for example, as well as in pulp and paper making, metallurgical processes, and chemical plants.