September 15, 2021

Two Regions of Quebec Start Field Tests for Robotic Broccoli Harvesting

The equipment, called the SAMI 4.0TM (French for Intelligent Multifunctional Agricultural System), uses a vision system relying on artificial intelligence to detect, position, and qualify broccoli and to verify the trajectory of robots to automatically harvest the plants—or not—based on their maturity. Eventually, it will be able to perform the tasks of the now increasingly scarce farm hands.

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In September, SAMI 4.0 will be on the job in the fields at partner farms in Montérégie and Lanaudière. There will be demonstrations for journalists who want to see the equipment in action. The exact dates of harvest will be confirmed when the weather conditions are right.

“Everywhere you look, automation is gaining traction and is boosting the competitiveness of businesses. Today marks the arrival of agriculture into the industry 4.0 era,” says Éric Lapalme, President of Lapalme Agtech.

“The COVID-19 pandemic showed us just how fragile supply chains are, revealed the chronic lack of workers, and proved we need to grow more locally. This technology is a step in the right direction and a giant leap forward for agriculture,” adds Alain Chandonnet, CEO of INO.

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