A partnership to solve challenges in the agri-food industry

Client: Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

About Vineland

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is a Canadian organization dedicated to horticulture science and innovation. The Ontario-based centre’s mission is to improve the economic viability, sustainability, and competitiveness of horticulture in Canada.

The challenge

Vineland had a robotic cucumber harvesting project in mind and needed a customized imaging system.  Since optics, photonics, and imaging systems are not in their scope of expertise, they needed a partner with a wealth of knowledge and experience in that specific field of engineering.

INO’s added value

INO and Vineland had worked previously together on a mushroom harvesting solution. And the two companies teamed up again to work closely on this ongoing cucumber harvesting project.  INO designed, fabricated, and calibrated a fused 3D, visible, and multi-spectral imaging system for cucumber harvesting. Although the project has yet to be completed, we are working to ensure that the methods and materials used will soon result in a robotic harvesting system prototype that is market ready and cost effective.

The solution

This collaboration allowed Vineland to resolve some problems faster and gave them more effective processes (e.g., camera calibration, optics component selection, computer and electronics integration, etc.) than would otherwise have been possible without this collaboration. This project will help Vineland expand the prototype’s applications to other areas of horticulture and agriculture and even to other industries.

Why did they choose INO? 

Vineland wanted to work with a Canadian company. They were already familiar with INO from past projects and knew our reputation for generating high-quality work.  As soon as the work began for the first project, both organizations got busy bringing the concept to life, from an idea to a working prototype.

INO has exceeded our expectations in delivering on all aspects of the robotic cucumber harvesting project and we’re eager to see what the future of the collaboration holds. The team at INO has been both friendly and professional, and apart from the physical distance between us, there is a sincere feeling of unity in working together towards a common goal.


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